Use ANY font on your iPad Pro – How to install custom for use with Autodesk Graphic, ProtoSketch, Word, PowerPoint, Pixelmator & more…

Font manager for iOS
Use custom fonts on all iOS devices, including the new 2018 iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is an amazing creative tool with an array of proficient design apps available, meaning the need to cart my MacBook everywhere with me is quickly diminishing.

There was one thing, however, I couldn’t quite get over: The inability to install fonts on an iOS device. As Apple have not yet developed Font Book for iPad, there was no indication that this would change.

Install custom fonts on the iPad Pro
Sure, there are plenty of fonts built in to iOS, but having to settle for one of the system fonts seems like a compromise that completely discredits the iPad Pro as a competent design tool. Not to mention the fact that this makes client work a no-go on the Pro, as they will require all designs to use their brand’s font.

So, how do you go about fixing this glaring omission?

Turns out, “There’s an app for that”.

Fonteer App for iPhone & iPad

The developer warns that not all apps are supported, for example, none of the Adobe apps will allow the use of custom fonts, but my two primary design apps (Autodesk Graphic & ProtoSketch) pull in typefaces, no problem at all!

The app only costs £1.49 (Plus you can download a free version, this will allow you to install three fonts, which means you can ensure your new fonts work in your favourite apps).

Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pixelmator are all name-checked in the app description as being fully supported.

It’s not just the Pro that’s supported, Fonteer works on all iPhones and iPads!

How to install custom fonts on iOS:

  • Head to the App store & search for “Fonteer
  • Once downloaded, you can start adding typefaces from Google Fonts & Font Squirrel within the app OR head to Safari and install .OTF & .TTF files from any font site.
  • Tap “Install Fonts” and the app will package them as an email. All you need to do now is email them back to yourself and open the attachment.
  • Install the profile and your fonts should start appearing in your apps.

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